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Myths and Facts regarding Masturbation

Myths and Facts abut Masturbation

Masturbation Facts

Masturbation Myths #1: Masturbation is not actual sex. Only frustrated people masturbate.

Fact: Sexual pleasure during masturbation is similar to that experienced during “actual sex”, i.e. sex with a partner. Sexual health experts say that people who masturbate are more likely to enjoy a good sex life with a partner.

Masturbation Myths #2: Masturbation can cause acne, hair fall and even blindness.

Fact: It has nothing to do with any of these diseases.

Masturbation Myths #3: Masturbation causes growth of hair on palms.

Fact: No amount of it will cause hair growth on your palms.

Masturbation Myths #4: The stock of semen in the body is limited. If you waste it by handjob, you will soon run out of it.

Fact: Semen is not stocked for years, rather it is being produced in the testes throughout a man’s life. It will continue be produced as long as the reproductive organs are healthy. The life span of SPERM inside the male body is about 74 days. So you cannot have a healthy live sperm which is produced an year ago.

Masturbation Myths #5: Those who masturbate will never have children.

Fact: If this had any element of truth in it, most couples would be childless. Probably, I and you wouldn’t be born either.

Masturbation Myths #6: Those who have a partner, or those who are married, do not masturbate.

Fact: Many couples does it mutually. Some involve in self stimulation when their partner is ill or away.

Masturbation Myths #7: Masturbation can stunt your growth.

Fact: No, it cannot. If you feel there is something wrong with your growth,  Consult doctor as there may be a treatable underlying cause. Stopping masturbation will not help.

Masturbation Myths #8: Masturbation causes impotence.

Fact: No. It cannot lead to impotence. Consult doctor if you are experiencing impotence for counseling and treatment.

Masturbation Myths #9: It leads to psychological problems. 

Fact: It does not cause any physical or psychological problems. Anxiety and fear caused by the myths about it actually lead to psychological problems.

Masturbation Myths #10: Only young people masturbate. It’s abnormal if you are middle-aged and you still masturbate.

Fact: Some people do it in old age too. It is less common in the elderly but certainly not abnormal.

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