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 Welcome to Sexologist Dr. A CHAKRAVARTHY' s Website 

                            Sexuality is a secret and most sensitive aspect of every individual's personality. Every person undergoes various phases of his life i.e. childhood, adolescence, youth, elderly and old age. During these phases he/she may suffer from some sexual problem, which in turn can create low self-esteem & low self-respect.These persons suffering from sexual problems are always in search of a doctor who can treat their problem. In reproductive health, we have many specialities like Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Psychiatry, Endocrinology, Urology,  Andrology etc. Yet Sexual Health is often ignored in Medical fraternity. Sexual Medicine is emerging as a separate speciality to cater the needs of those who have sexual problems. The most important advantage of  Sexual Medicine as a discipline is that it can offer Comprehensive Care to those suffering from some sexual difficulties.  Also it can prevent individuals to fall prey to many quacks proclaiming as a Sex-Specialist. 
                             Sex Counseling and Treatment includes comprehensive assessment of patients and identifying Organic, Psychogenic or  functional causes of Sexual Dysfunction. Treating patient (s) according to the root cause of his/her/their problem is the essence of our treatment. Each patient is dealt in a Confidential & Comfortable atmosphere
Do NOT allow Sexual Problem (s) ruin your life. Save your married life!  Get help from a Qualified modern medicine doctor!

"We believe everyone deserves to have a great sex life."

Are You Suffering from these Sexual Problems?

Stop Sex

Sexually Frustrated Couple

  •  Unable to satisfy your partner?
  •  Anxious of your own Sexuality?
  •  Family Problems - Marital Problems, 
  •  Worried of getting married - Anxious about future sexual life
  •  Adjustment Problems,
  •  Afraid of Intercourse,
  •  Non Co-operative partner
  •  Male Sexual Problems,  
  •  Female Sexual Problems,
  •  Painful Intercourse,
  •  Tight or Loose Vagina,
  •  Concerns about Sexual Health,
  •  Masturbation Concerns (Both Male & Female),
  •  Small Penis Size and Big Penis,
  •  Small Breasts and Big Breasts,
  •  Erectile Dysfunction,
  •  Loss of Libido / Lack of Desire for Sex (Both Male & Female), 
  •  Premature Ejaculation,
  •  Retarded Ejaculation
  •  Anejaculation - Inability to ejaculate,
  •  Night Emission / Wet dreams,
  •  Sexual Weakness,  
  •  Orgasmic disorders (Both Male & Female),
  •  Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV / AIDS,
  •  Unwanted Pregnancy - Result of un planned intercourse,
  •  Virginity Concerns
  •  Past Sexual Activity Concerns
  •  Ignorant of  Sexual techniques
  •  Post Exposure Prophylaxis against HIV (Risky contact with doubtful HIV positive person)

Would You Like To?

Happy Couple

Sexually Happy Couple

 Have more pleasure and fun?     Overcome your sexual problems?

  Rekindle your desire, re ignite your libido?      Diminish feelings of shame and trauma?

  Feel respected and supported in your authentic gender expression?

 If so, a Sexologist Doctor offer the following services:


Treatment of Sexual Problems

Medicines & Counseling

  •    Pre Marital Counseling
  •    Re Marital Counseling
  •    Family Counseling
  •    Sex Counseling & Education.
  •    Intimacy Education to Improve Your Relationships.
  •    Sex Therapy for curing sexual problems of both male and female as well as attaining better Sexual pleasure for couples.
  •    Medicines  for Better Reproductive & Sexual  Health.
  •    Contraceptive measures to avoid unwanted pregnancies.
  •    Emergency Birth control / Advice on Medical Termination of Pregnancy
  •    Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) and HIV/AIDS

                         great sex.happy life

                                                      (Great Sex makes Life Happy)

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